The Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP) is a first-of-its-kind industry-academe partnership that seeks to improve the level of technology and engineering education in the Philippines, particularly in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE). READ MORE...

11th SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards 

The theme for the 11th SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards is “Building Cloud-based Communities.”

The goal is to develop cloud-based applications that improve these highly structured systems of human organization for large-scale community living, which enable it to go beyond furnishing sustainability and continuous progress for its members.

Smart recognizes most disruptive devices in 10th SWEEP Awards

CoinSaver (The New and Innovative Way to Save) is a kiosk-like device that allows the user to save for a certain product or service. Using a mobile phone and a peso coin, one can actually start saving with CoinSaver.

Mechanics of the Maynilad Water Warrior Award 

Maynilad will grant the Water Warrior award to entries that will help improve water supply operations to the public and/or water consumer needs, i.e. reporting of leaks/illegal connections, addressing complaints, etc.

SWEEP Winners: All the way from Bataan to Silicon Valley 

Fresh graduates Mark Anthony Colentava and Laurence Arguelles recently went on a tour of the Google headquarters in Silicon Valley as part of their prize as grand winners of the 10th SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards. .

Register to SWEEP Open Competition!

The 11th SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards brings you The SWEEP Open Competition. A special prize will be given to SWEEP and non-SWEEP schools whose entries satisfy the specific sets of criteria of the SMART DevNEt Innovation Award.

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