Continuing Education Program

Areas Description Target Participants Frequency
School-based Trainings Learning sessions of committed topics done within the school premises. The Subject Matter Expert (SME) from SMART conducts the session in the provided venue of the school. SWEEP covers for the meals/snacks of the participants during the sessions Faculties and/or selected students Based on mutually agreed schedule
Annual Technology Seminar A Tech Talk session in collaboration with SMART’s technology partners (ex. Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson) to provide a glimpse of the wireless technology roadmap locally and globally Technology Deans and Program Chairs Once a year, around November
SWEEP Faculty Immersion An annual 10-day work exposure with the local operations team for two (2) endorsed faculties. They are considered “SMART Engineers” during the immersion program and are provided with capability-building activities and access to equipment.
Practice Days - Key Objectives:
  • To teach the Faculty Immersion participant critical tasks one should know to begin performing the role productively
  • To demonstrate the “correct way” of performing critical task
  • To enable the Faculty Immersion participant to perform a critical task immediately after the practice days
Two(2) endorsed technical faculty Once a year, last week of May to 1st week of June
SWEEP On-the-Job Priority slots for students endorsed by our SWEEP Partner schools. This is a local-based immersion with our Operations Team to provide the students hands-on experience in operating and maintaining wireless facilities. Qualified students All-year round, as requested by the school
SWEEP Speakership and Field Trips
Assistance in providing competent technology speakers in support to the student’s curriculum requirement for Field Trips and Seminars. SWEEP covers for the logistical arrangements of the speakers.
Students As requested
SWEEP Leadership Summit An event that convenes the heads of the universities to listen to speakers on topics relevant to their roles as Leaders in their respective schools. The following are event titles that we have conducted over the years:
  • 2008 : Why Not? Forum: Why Not: A Yearning for Learning?
  • 2009: Tony Blair: The Leader as a Nation Builder in a Globalizing World
  • 2010 : Al Gore: The Leader as Environment Steward
  • 2011 : Developing Leaders for Nation Building
  • 2012 : Smart Leadership Summit
  • 2013 : Smart Schools Leadership Summit
  • 2014 : Mobile Learning
Heads of the University Annually during the SWEEP Awards Event