Smart kicks off SWEEPx training series

May 19, 2015
GAPAN CITY—Undisputed leader in mobile Smart Communications kicked off this year’s nationwide training program for teachers on the development of mobile applications for Android devices at the Asian Institute of E-Commerce in Gapan, Nueva Ecija.
This leg of the SWEEPx Android Mobile Apps Training was organized for schools from Central Luzon, including partner-universities under the Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP), which is a linkage program between the industry and the academe that seeks to enhance engineering and IT education in the country.

A total of 13 participants representing five schools registered for the three-day course. The participants were grouped and were able to develop a total of six mobile applications that include helping teachers compute their students’ grades; helping students get updates on school activities, and anything they need to know about their school, including the layout of the campus.

“Smart envisions an educational landscape where faculty members trained in mobile apps development will influence more students and fellow teachers to become apps developers themselves through their school’s course offerings,” said Ramon R. Isberto, head of Public Affairs at Smart.

“SWEEPx has a multiplier effect, benefiting not only the workshop participants but also their fellow faculty members and students,” added Isberto. “By tapping the creative pool from our schools, we want to make the Philippines a hub for the development of mobile apps that will empower more people to live more.”

SWEEPx is the latest initiative of Smart in the mobile education space, and forms part of the Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP), which is the longest-running industry-academe partnership that helps enhance Philippine IT and engineering education.  

“With SWEEPx, we want to help build and expand the skills of faculty members of our colleges and universities.  This initiative is in line with our efforts to sustain learning among our teachers and keep them abreast with the latest trends in mobile technology,” said Stephanie Orlino, senior manager and head of education programs at Smart Public Affairs.

The SWEEPx training focused on Android mobile apps development as majority of mobile handsets and tablets in the Philippines run on the Android operating platform.  During the training program, participants were asked to come up with ideas they wanted to pursue or a problem they wanted to solve as the basis for the development of their mobile apps.  They must present a prototype by the end of the course.

Most of the apps were designed to make students’ lives easier.  For instance, participants from Baliuag University came up with a student handbook, while a team from NEUST-San Leonardo Extension Campus came up with a school locator app.  Teams from the host-school, developed apps that will help teachers compute student grades; and students to view schedule of exams, and get updates on school activities.

Meanwhile, another team from NEUST-SLAEC opted to level up the karaoke experience by developing a mobile-based videoke controller.

With Smart SWEEPx, the telco aims to nurture the mobile apps development community by building a bigger base of Android apps developers in schools. This move is seen to provide teachers with the means to earn additional income.  Smart is also hoping that mobile apps development will become part of the schools’ course offerings to provide students with the skills that are relevant to the market place.

Smart is promoting the culture of innovation in schools, where students who developed game-changing wireless devices and mobile applications are recognized and rewarded.  Smart will be accepting entries for the 12th SWEEP Innovation and Excellence with the start of the school year.

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The SWEEPx participants representing various schools and universities in Nueva Ecija learn how to develop mobile applications using Android devices as part of Smart’s advocacy to keep PH education aligned with the latest trends in digital technologies.